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Contact: Frans Bolk
Business address Herengracht 456 Amsterdam 1017 BZ Netherlands Webseite:


MOB.ID is an identity solution where a user has the sovereign capabilities to self-manage and use its own digital identity. It is also a full onboarding solution for organisations to onboard their customers for AML/CDD/eKYC or patient onboarding or student registration, etc. MOB.ID offers cloud access management with the highly assured derived electronic identities as foundation for access. No hassle with passwords, it’s fully user-centric and uses strong protection. Service providers can be enabled to trust MOB.ID derived high assured identities for the purpose of authentication and access to digital services, as well as for validated identity attribute sharing.

MOB.ID uses and includes the government issued electronic identities in passports and ID cards. These identities offer the strongest level of assurance, because they are backed by identity proofing from several sources. From a BYOI perspective, these identities are often leveraged for scenarios that require a high level of trust or for identity proofing. MOB.ID uses the ICAO 9303, machine readable travel documents that are chip-enabled since 2009, to offer a high degree of protection against forgery. MOB.ID also checks the documents against their source in a closed loop. Consequence is that the assurance level has the same legal impact as the document itself!

MOB.ID’s identity proofing is based upon trust processes needed to prove an identity and as such have orchestration capabilities. Examples are adding biometry as fingerprinting or mug shots or iris biometry to the workflow or adding additional information such as addresses and telephone numbers and email addresses in the identity proofing process.

MOB.ID enables scalable and flexible identity proofing and affirmation processes. It ensures a human-centric view of identity proofing that allows organizations to obtain an acceptable level of confidence in a customer’s identity. Through a combination of checking and verifying the authenticity and integrity of the documents, face recognition and liveness detection, users can not only assure the legal identity of a person but also prevent fraud with identities.

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Herengracht 456 Amsterdam 1017 BZ Netherlands