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itWatch GmbH

Contact: Thorsten Flügel
Business address Aschauer Straße 30 Münschen 81549 Webseite:


itWatch products protect against the most advanced forms of attack (APT), hidden attack vectors and data theft. With the itWash product, itWatch supports international organizations in “cyber data washing”.
The patented itWatch security solutions with large installations, well over 100,000 licenses, offer many advantages due to their worldwide unique selling propositions – in the area of IT security, GRC and, of course, provable data protection. High demands of intelligence service, military and police are met as well as those of standard office workplaces.
Since 1997, the itWatch Enterprise Security Suite protects its customers millions of times in the areas of device, port, application, media, print, content control, security awareness, secure keyboard, risk audit, endpoint security, DLP, secure delete, secure lock systems, risk identification, inventory & minimization, secure logon and encryption.
The IoT and Industry 4.0 market is served by infrastructure solutions on embedded systems and end-to-end security lifecycle solutions. All itWatch products are developed in Germany – with no backdoors and no third party code -, tested and sold worldwide through partners.

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Aschauer Straße 30 Münschen 81549