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Photo of araneaCONSULT GmbH

araneaCONSULT GmbH

araneaCONSULT is regionally one of the market leading solution providers in the IT service sector for solutions of the manufacturer Micro Focus, the seventh largest software company worldwide.…

Photo of Atos Information Technology GmbH

Atos Information Technology GmbH

Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 105,000 employees and annual revenue of over € 11 billion.…

Photo of AWARE7 GmbH


AWARE7 GmbH is a cybersecurity company based in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, that develops technologies and products as well as the provisioning of services to promote, increase and maintain the level of IT security.…

Photo of Heyden-Securit GmbH

Heyden-Securit GmbH

HEYDEN-SECURIT was founded in 1969 and offers individual and standard solutions for printing systems.…

Photo of HORIZON Communication and Technology

HORIZON Communication and Technology

Horizon is a Libyan company engaged in the field of ITC and security products & services.…

Photo of IDentAcc


IDentAcc is a vendor-independent IT consultancy for identity and access management.

Photo of KÖPKE PR


KÖPKE PR was founded by Iris Köpke in 2009 and is a text agency with a focus on informationtechnologies.…

Photo of MobID


MOB.ID is an identity solution where a user has the sovereign capabilities to self-manage and use its own digital identity.…

Photo of Sipua Consulting

Sipua Consulting

SIPUA CONSULTING® is a leading and well-established consultancy company, focusing on customized e-ID solutions for government agencies and institutions around the world.…