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club cv Member and Partner Logo Guideline
With the club cv Member and Partner logos, our partners can use their relationship with cryptovision in a representative and branded appropriate way in their external communications.  When using the club cv logo as a marketing tool, partners should use the correct membership level logo.

Minimum size
The club cv partner logos may be enlarged and reduced in any proportion. However, they may not be smaller than a certain minimum size. The minimum diameter in the print area is 18 mm at a resolution of 300 dpi. And in digital media 60 pixels at a resolution of 72 dpi.

Minimum distance
The minimum distance between the logo and other graphic elements is determined by the layout of the logo file. The club cv partner logos are arranged on an area and consist of the club cv logo and the respective partnership level.  This arrangement may not be separated or modified in any other way.

Position of the logo
The club cv partner logos may be positioned as desired, as long as the minimum distance – also to the side edges – is maintained.

Use on varied colored backgrounds
Place the logo on a background color that allows maximum visibility. Use the standard logo on light backgrounds. On dark backgrounds, use the reverse logo. Use the full color logo whenever possible. If it does not work with the background or the production process, use the black/white version.

club cv Member
As a club Member you have a relevant past or present business relationship with cryptovision and have agreed to participate in joint marketing activities. 

club cv Volume Partner
Volume Partners are categorized in the membership levels Silver / Gold / Platinum. Qualified Volume Partners sell products and services of cryptovision as well as 3rd party hardware or software offered by cryptovision. This requires a sales commitment and support capabilities. The membership levels are visible in the relevant partner logo.
Club cv Strategy Partner
No differentiation is made between membership levels in the area of Strategy Partner. Qualified Strategy Partners must meet certain criteria based on product competence and technology integration. The products and solutions of the Strategy Partner have a strategic relevance for cryptovision’s business or vice versa. There is no sales commitment.

club cv Management

Lutz Feldhege
Club Director

phone:  +49 209 167 2479
mobile: +49 160 744 0251

Sascha Wester
Partner Manager Sales

phone:  +49 209 167 2457
mobile: +49 160 744 0248