Strong presence at Omnisecure

Strong presence at Omnisecure

The German IT security year traditionally starts with Omnisecure in Berlin.

cryptovision has been visiting the conference for years, this year we were represented by two colleagues:

Managing Director Marco Smeja presented insights on the complexity of VS-compliant e-mail security (nato-restricted) and Ben Drisch was present to answer questions in a special forum on the implementation of the cash security regulation. Both forums were hosted by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), an important directive authority for all market participants. cryptovision offers both segments, the VS market and the cash register market, certified and approved products, and so the discussions during the breaks were particularly stimulating and productive this year.





Successful TRUSTECH in sunny Cannes

Successful TRUSTECH in sunny Cannes

cryptovision was present at this year’s TRUSTECH in Cannes (26th-28th Nov 2019). Every year in November, this renowned event for electronic identities, payment and security invites representatives from the private and public sector from all over the world to the “Palais des Festivals et des Congrès”, the same glamorous location, where the Golden Palm is awarded during the Cannes film festival.

After Cannes was plagued by thunderstorms the day before, TRUSTECH awaited its visitors just in time with clear weather and mild temperatures. The pleasant atmosphere was also reflected in the event.

The high number of representatives from the ID segment, both industrial and governmental, made the fair a hotspot for the exchange of eID solutions and provided ground for high-quality dialogue. Although the fair was organised more compactly, all key players of the industry were represented.

This allowed cryptovision to meet with customers from all over the world and also to initiate important meetings with governmental and industrial partners. The impressions and conversations will contribute to cryptovision’s roadmap of new products and help set up new distribution channels.

Not to blow our own trumpet, but it’s probably fair to say that one of the off-piste highlights of the three day stay was our very own TRUSTECH cryptonite. The cryptonite has become an integral part of the Cannes experience and continues to grow in popularity year after year. For the customers and partners who were lucky enough to receive an invitation, the party was undoubtedly one night to remember. More than 100 people attended and celebrated together until the early hours of the morning.






G20 Compact with Africa

G20 Compact with Africa

Today, at the two-day G20 Compact with Africa in Berlin, representatives of the twelve participating countries, from the G20 countries and from international organisations will meet. Compact is the core element of a new cooperation with Africa. The aim is to improve the conditions for private investment and employment opportunities in Africa together with African countries. “We do not want to talk over the heads of Africans. We want to cooperate with African countries”, explains Angela Merkel.

Before the meeting at the Chancellor’s Office, an international investor conference will take place, attended by the German Chancellor, African heads of state and government, other politicians and representatives of companies that have invested in the twelve participating states.

cryptovision welcomes Compact and is looking forward to the newly emerging opportunities. With a focus on secure identity solutions, we have been successfully active with eID projects on the African continent since 2011 – for example in Nigeria and Ghana. We value the close cooperation with local IT companies.

Modern, digital identity systems are an important investment and future topic in many African countries. The ID4Africa initiative, which was founded in 2014 and has long since become an important movement, has set itself the task of promoting such systems in African countries. With an electronic ID document, the owner can work legally and make use of services such as healthcare and banking. eID documents are thus a basis for the upswing in emerging countries and the basis for foreign investment and partnerships.

We at cryptovision are pleased to contribute to this development with our innovative eID solutions. We are convinced of the importance of digital identity systems and look forward to future projects.




Three Facts about e-mail and file encryption

Three Facts about e-mail and file encryption

Did you know that …

1) … only 13.5% of the Germans use end-to-end e-mail encryption? Three-quarters of the Germans consider it important to encrypt their e-mails though. As reasons for not using encryption almost half of the interviewees stated too much effort and lack of knowledge. (Survey Statista March 2018)

2) … 68% of all German companies have been victims of sabotage, data theft or industrial espionage in the past two years? In this way, the German industry suffered a total loss of 43.4 billion Euros. (Bitkom Survey 2018)

3) … there are several laws demanding e-mail encryption (directly or indirectly)?

These include § 203 of the Criminal Code, the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation, the E-Government Act, and the E-Health Act.

If these laws were implemented bindingly, the vast majority of internals would be safe again and industry and states would have to worry less about espionage and betrayal of secrets.

There have long been numerous practicable solutions for e-mail and file encryption:
All common e-mail clients (including Outlook and Notes) have built-in encryption functions, which are sufficient for many purposes. For particularly high security requirements, GreenShield by cryptovision is a convenient and secure solution. Even if VS-NfD approval is not an absolute necessity for every company, GreenShield – once set up – impresses with unmatched user-friendliness and secure encryption with just one click. Besides encrypting e-mails, GreenShield also signs and encrypts files of all kinds.