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August 2018

Australians who won’t unlock their phones could face 10 years in jail

The Australian government wants to force companies to help it get at suspected criminals’ data. If they can’t, it would jail people for up to a decade if they refuse to unlock their phones. The country’s Assistance and Access Bill, introduced this week for public consultation, strengthens the penalties for people who refuse to unlock their phones for the police. Under Australia’s existing Crimes Act, judges could jail a person …Read More

Smartcards for the Mac and more: sc/interface 7.1 offers many new features

Apple Corporation are traditionally known as being little interested in smart cards. However, with macOS Sierra (10.12) the California-based company has introduced the so-called CryptoTokenKit framework, with which macOS users can now finally use smart cards without major detours. The support of this feature with a new component (Crypto Token Driver) is one of the numerous highlights the new version 7.1 of cryptovision’s smart credential middleware sc/interface has to offer. …Read More

cryptovision’s Blockchain Expertise in Demand at Industry Association eco

The Blockchain will be one of the central topics at the Internet Security Days (20 and 21 September 2018 in Phantasialand near Cologne). This was pointed out yesterday in a press release published by internet industry association eco, which organises the event. cryptovision has its say in this release. This is no coincidence, because at the Internet Security Days the blockchain expertise of cryptovision will be in demand: cryptovision’s Klaus …Read More