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January 2018

Strong encryption is vital to our future in tech

Don’t be fooled by recent proposals — anyone who understands how technology works knows that “back doors” aren’t the answer. This month marked yet another shot across the bow from U.S. Department of Justice officials targeting strong encryption. At the International Conference on Cyber Security, FBI Director Christopher Wray described the inability of law enforcement authorities to access data from electronic devices as an “urgent public safety issue.” This follows Deputy Attorney …Read More

Must-read article about historical codebreaking by Klaus Schmeh

Klaus Schmeh, longtime employee of cryptovision, once again has published an article in the computer magazine, iX. The topic is as unusual as it is exciting: solving encrypted messages from the last 500 years with modern algorithms. This article features the legendary encryption machine Enigma, as well as the famous Voynich manuscript, and the encrypted letters of the Zodiac Killer. Klaus has been a freelanced writer for iX, Germany’s most …Read More

Because of popstar: Mindshare 2018 postponed by one day

Which would you rather choose; cryptovision’s eID conference Mindshare or a concert of Germany’s number one popstar Helene Fischer? To be honest, we are not sure ourselves. However, we do know that both events are scheduled to take place in the city of Gelsenkirchen on the same day and that there is simply not enough hotel capacity for both events. So rather than force attendees to choose one or the …Read More

Meltdown and Spectre: Are cryptovision products affected?

A processor vulnerability that affects hundreds of millions of computers has alarmed users all around the world. “Meltdown” and “Spectre” are the names of the two currently known attacks that exploit this security breach. Using one of these attacks, a process can, under certain circumstances, access data without having permission. Since the vulnerability is in the processor, i.e., in the innermost core of a computer, all programs running on this …Read More

Reading tip: Markus Hoffmeister joins Federal President on Africa trip

A trip to Africa together with German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and former football professional Gerald Asamoah is something you do not experience every day. The editors of the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ) were of this opionion, too, so they reported in detail on how cryptovision CEO Markus Hoffmeister traveled to Ghana and Gambia together with the German head of state. Not only because cryptovision is carrying out numerous eID …Read More

cryptovision article on “Digitalisierung jetzt!”: Why nobody should have a duplicate key

A new post (written in German) on the blog Digitalisierung jetzt! answers two important questions: why is encryption important and what still needs to be done in this area? This article, which was published in the pamphlet IT-Sicherheit für Politiker before, was written by cryptovision’s Chief Editor Marketing, Klaus Schmeh. Among other things, Klaus reports on a theft of a laptop with unencrypted data, which caused a damage of about …Read More

US Post-Quantum Competition: 69 Algorithms Enter the Race

US standardization authority NIST has published a list of the algorithms that participate in the Post-Quantum Competition. No fewer than 69 crypto systems enter the race – more than ever before in a crypto algorithm contest. NIST now faces the difficult task of selecting an algorithm (or several, if need be) that will be declared the new US standard – in an evaluation process lasting several years. It is expected …Read More