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June 2017

Why David Santoso from Indonesia prefers cryptovision to Silicon Valley

David Santoso is cryptovision’s sales representative in Indonesia. David knows the IT industry very well, as, among other things, he has cooperated with several Silicon Valley companies. “However, in the USA people mainly wanted to impress me with veneers,” he says, “while at cryptovision I had many open dicussions about real-world problems and potential solutions,” David Santoso therefore prefers cryptovision to Silicon Valley. While staying in Gelsenkirchen, he not only …Read More

Ben Drisch to speak at the Silicon Trust London Forum

The Silicon Trust London Forum (Monday, June 26, 2017) is an exclusive electronic identity conference that complements the renowned Security Document World (SDW). Along with five other carefully chosen speakers, cryptovision’s Ben Drisch will be featured at this year’s Silicon Trust London Forum with a presentation. Titled Challenges behind successful Multi-App schemes, Ben’s talk will focus on eID documents that can be used for different applications. cryptovision will also be …Read More

Frontal 21 (ZDF) to cover discussion between Markus Hoffmeister and Taner Ünalgan

Yesterday local politician Taner Ünalgan visited cryptovision. He was accompanied by a camera team from Frontal 21, a major German TV magazine. Mr. Ünalgan met cryptovision’s CEO Markus Hoffmeister to discuss the challenges of modern Information Technology and how these challenges can be mastered using cryptovision’s solutions. Of course, Markus invited Mr. Ünalgan to Mindshare 2017. Frontal 21 will cover this interesting meeting in one of the coming issues. Mindshare …Read More

Mindshare 2017: Here are the sponsors!

We are looking forward to this year’s Mindshare issue, which promises to be bigger and better than ever. Mindshare is a must-go for everybody interested in secure electronic identities. Join us in Gelsenkirchen on July 11th and 12th 2017 for great conference sessions and the infamous CryptoNite party! Register now for Mindshare 2017! Admission is free!  cryptovision proudly presents the following sponsors, which make Mindshare 2017 possible (click on one …Read More

Mindshare 2017: Vincent Hervo (IDnomic) will speak

Vincent Hervo will talk at Mindshare 2017, cryptovision’s must-attend secure eID event (July 11-12, 2017). Vincent Hervo is an experienced professional in the field of digital identity protection, smart cards and trust architectures. At IDnomic, he is in charge of the Corporate ID and Object ID product lines and is responsible for developing solutions dedicated to securing Internet of Things use cases. With more than 10 years spent in enterprise …Read More

Mindshare 2017 agenda now published

Over the past several years, cryptovision’s Mindshare has grown into a truly can’t miss event for anyone involved in the digital identity industry. Now, the Mindshare 2017 agenda is online. On 11 July, the tracks will include Enterprise, Government and Banking sessions. And after the day’s presentations follows the infamous CryptoNite Party and celebration with food, drinks, music and much more.  On July 12, the agenda resumes with content focused …Read More

Mindshare 2017: Former hacker Adrian Janotta will speak

Red Team, Blue Team and Hunt Team is the title of Adrian Janotta’s talk at Mindshare 2017, cryptovision’s must-go secure eID event (July 11-12, 2017). After a notable ‘career’ as computer criminal, Adrian changed sides and became a highly regarded consultant and entrepreneur. His company Janotta and Partner, located in Schweinfurt, Germany, specializes in IT, development and IT security. Being a celebrated lecturer, Adrian will give a presentation at the …Read More

Over 8,600 Vulnerabilities Found in Pacemakers

“If you want to keep living, Pay a ransom, or die.” This could happen, as researchers have found thousands of vulnerabilities in Pacemakers that hackers could exploit. Millions of people that rely on pacemakers to keep their hearts beating are at risk of software glitches and hackers, which could eventually take their lives. A pacemaker is a small electrical battery-operated device that’s surgically implanted in the chest to help control …Read More

cryptovision has concluded partnership with Versasec

cryptovision has formed a new partnership with Versasec, one of the world’s leading supplier of smart card management systems. With Versasec customizing its vSEC:CMS to support cryptovision’s sc/interface PKCS#11 module, Versasec now considerably extends their list of supported smart cards and tokens. “One of our goals has been ensuring that customers all over the world can manage their different security and identity management credentials through one system, vSEC:CMS,” says Joakim …Read More