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May 2017

cryptovision sends greetings from Riga

The Secure Identification in Latvia’s capital Riga is Eastern Europe’s most important event about secure electronic identities. This year’s edition takes place from May 31 to June 1. Like in the years before, cryptovision is present. If you attend the Secure Identification, we invite you to visit us at booth 27 or to watch Adam Ross’ presentation Enhancing multi-purpose eID documents with latest eIDAS (token) functionality. For all, who are …Read More

cryptovision and IGEL have sealed a security gap

cryptovision and IGEL have sealed a security weakness in thin client environments by improving authentication between the thin client and the terminal server. cryptovision partner IGEL is a German supplier of unified endpoint management (UEM) software and thin clients. The latest version of IGEL OS supports cryptovision’s smart card middleware sc/interface for Linux, which is considerably more secure than a password-based authentication solution. With sc/interface on IGEL’s new UD Pocket …Read More

Masked Man reveals his passwords after five years

The Masked Man, a German serial killer, was arrested in 2011. Police couldn’t decipher his encrypted storage devices. Now he has revealed his encryption passwords. From 1992 German police sought a man, who sexually assaulted dozens of children. The press called him the “Masked Man” after the mask he wore according to testimonies. The following picture shows an identikit. In addition to almost 40 other sexual offences, the Mask Man was …Read More

Backdoors: When Good Intentions Go Bad

Whenever bad things happen where perpetrators had used encryption, the topic of government access to encrypted data turns into a heated debate. The latest example comes on the heels of the horrible terrorist attack near the Palace of Westminster in London, where there was evidence that the perpetrator had used WhatsApp, an encrypted messaging program, possibly to communicate with accomplices. UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd raised the government access issue, saying …Read More

cryptovision launches sc/interface PIV EDITION

Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards are standard in United States federal facilities and information systems. Millions of people in the US and overseas use this technology. cryptovision‘s smart card middleware sc/interface is now available in an edition tailor-made for PIV cards. sc/interface PIV EDITION, which supports all PIV-relevant functionality, is the ideal solution for integrating smart cards of the new FIPS201-2PIV type to their applications. If your FIPS 201-1 PIV …Read More