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March 2017

New Paper on Encryption Workarounds

The widespread use of encryption has triggered a new step in many criminal investigations: the encryption workaround. We define an encryption workaround as any lawful government effort to reveal an unencrypted version of a target’s data that has been concealed by encryption. This essay provides an overview of encryption workarounds. It begins with a taxonomy of the different ways investigators might try to bypass encryption schemes. We classify six kinds …Read More

A simple command allows the CIA to commandeer 318 models of Cisco switches

Cisco Systems said that more than 300 models of switches it sells contain a critical vulnerability that allows the CIA to use a simple command to remotely execute malicious code that takes full control of the devices. There currently is no fix. Cisco researchers said they discovered the vulnerability as they analyzed a cache of documents that are believed to have been stolen from the CIA and published by WikiLeaks two weeks …Read More

Elite cryptographers scoff at idea that law enforcement can ‘overcome’ encryption

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ call for a way to “overcome” cryptography met with scorn from a panel of elite cryptographers speaking at this week’s RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco. “Any one of my students will be capable of writing good crypto code,” says Adi Shamir, the ‘S’ in RSA and a professor at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. Sessions’ use of the term “overcome” during his confirmation hearings …Read More

Post-Quantum Crypto: Don’t Do Anything

There’s good news for anyone worried about the rise of quantum computers and the risk that they could be used to crack modern, public-key crypto systems, thus imperiling the security of much of today’s data, both in transit and at rest. Leading cryptographers advise: Don’t panic, and above all, don’t do anything about it right now. “Do nothing, just wait for the NIST process,” said Dan Boneh, a professor at …Read More

cryptovision CEO Markus Hoffmeister featured in panel discussions

cryptovision CEO Markus Hoffmeister is currently a sought-after panelist. On February 8, Markus took part in Industrie 4.0, an event organized by the economy development organisation Wirtschaftsförderung metropoleruhr (wmr). On March 3, Markus had another stage appearance as a panelist at the local economy event, Gala der Wirtschaftsinitiative, in Gelsenkirchen. Markus’ main points can be summarized as follows: Without security there’s no industry 4.0. In an industrial environment, security is not …Read More

cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh creates crypto introduction for school children

cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh has authored a crypto introduction brochure for school children published by the German not-for-profit organisation Stiftung Lesen. This brochure, which can be downloaded for free, is meant to support teachers, who want to teach cryptography to their pupils. The brochure is held in a modern layout. It focusses on classical cryptography, including the Caesar cipher, steganography, the Voynich manuscript and the Enigma. Stiftung Lesen has also started …Read More