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November 2016

Successful Interoperability Tests: AirID with sc/interface

cryptovision and Unicept have successfully tested interoperability between their flagship products. Unicept, a company located in Hannover, Germany, has been very successful recently with their innovative Bluetooth smart card reader AirID. AirID not only connects a smart card with a PC in a wireless way, but also can be used to fix a card at the shirt of the owner. Thus the card can be beared as a visual ID. …Read More

Protecting the Republic: Securing Communications is More Important than Ever

For some time I have argued that encryption is a security versus security issue. Given our reliance on cyber, that is, our increasing intertwining of the physical world with network controls, I continue to believe that securing communications and devices is critical for our safety and security. But events over the last weeks have convinced me that securing communications is also crucial for preserving our democracy. That is, securing communications …Read More

Swedish CMS Producer Versasec has Successfully Tested sc/interface

When using smart cards in a large scale, two kinds of software are necessary: first, a smart card middleware that connects each smart card with the respective application; second, a card management system (CMS) that keeps track of the smart cards in use. When it comes to smart card middleware, cryptovision’s sc/interface is the solution of choice. When a CMS is needed, vSEC:CMS provided by the Swedish Identity and Access …Read More

A Lightbulb Worm Could Take Over Every Smart Light In A City In Minutes

Researchers have developed proof-of-concept attack on smart lightbulbs that allows them to wirelessly take over the bulbs from up to 400m, write a new operating system to them, and then cause the infected bulbs to spread the attack to all the vulnerable bulbs in reach, until an entire city is infected. The researchers demonstrate attacking bulbs by drone or ground station. The demo attacks Philips Hue lightbulbs, the most popular …Read More

How Deeply Does Donald Trump Understand Cybersecurity?

President-elect Donald Trump will review the nation’s cyber vulnerabilities at the start of his presidency, just like Barrack Obama did. But Trump hasn’t demonstrated the deep understanding of cyber that Obama did when he took office nearly eight years ago. Trump didn’t spend much time speaking about cybersecurity on the campaign trail – neither did Hillary Clinton. But his most coherent remarks came in a September speech on national security …Read More

cryptovision to Attend Border Management Conference in Bangkok

The “Conference on Technical Cooperation & Capacity Building for Border Management” (BMC) at Bangkok, Thailand, is a must-go for all involved in border affaires. This year’s edition of this thrilling event will take place from November 9-11, 2016. Like in the years before, the BMC will present next generation border management solutions in a large exhibition and an accompanying conference. cryptovision will be featured in the BMC with a booth …Read More