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August 2016

cryptovision employees to speak at conferences throughout Europe

As summer is almost over, a number of interesting trade shows and conferences are approaching. cryptovision will actively take part these events. The following conference presentations held by cryptovision employees are scheduled for September 2017: cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh will give two presentations at the Vector UK Conference in Birmingham (September 7-8). cryptovision’s Adam Ross will speak at the Silicon Trust Partner Day in Munich (September 15). Klaus Schmeh will give …Read More

Hackers are fighting a secret “crypto war” against the NSA

There is an escalating technological arms race underway between governments and hacktivists. As governments step up their surveillance, the hacktivists find new ways to subvert it. This cat and mouse game has been described as a crypto war and it’s been going on for decades. Top secret documents released by Edward Snowden confirmed the extent of global internet surveillance by government agencies. For example, the United States National Security Agency …Read More

France and Germany Want to Stop Islamic Extremists From Using Messaging Encryption

Messaging encryption, widely used by Islamist extremists to plan attacks, needs to be fought at international level, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Thursday, and he wants Germany to help him promote a global initiative. He meets his German counterpart, Thomas de Maiziere, on Aug. 23 in Paris and they will discuss a European initiative with a view to launching an international action plan, Cazeneuve said. Read article: http://fortune.com/2016/08/11/france-messaging-encryption/

Car hacking at speed – where vulnerabilities turn from critical to fatal

There’s a fundamental difference between criminal hackers and white hat vulnerability researchers. When a white hat finds a vulnerability they may explore it, and write an interesting presentation about what can be achieved through the flaw, but once they’ve described the security weakness to the appropriate party and the hole is closed – that’s it. When a criminal crowbars open a security vulnerability, however, they don’t go running to the …Read More

Apple & others may soon be barred from using SMS for two-factor authentication

One of the options available when using Apple’s two-factor authentication (2FA) is to have a code sent to you via SMS. The US National Institute for Standards and Technology, which sets the standards for authentication software, says that text messaging is not sufficiently secure, and that its use for two-factor authentication will in future be barred … While NIST guidelines do not have the power of law, most major companies do abide by them, suggesting that …Read More