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March 2016

One in five employees would sell passwords

Research finding issued by SailPoint Technologies with its annual Market Pulse Survey – included findings that one in five employees surveyed would sell their security passwords for the right price, 65% of respondents used a single password across multiple applications, and one in three employees purchase SAAS applications without informing IT, 84% worry their personal info is being shared, and 40% have access to applications after leaving their jobs. IT …Read More

FBI hacks into terrorist’s iPhone without Apple

Although the government officially withdrew from its battle against Apple Monday, many observers sense the tech privacy war is just getting started. “This lawsuit may be over, but the Constitutional and privacy questions it raised are not,” Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who had criticized the Justice Department’s suit against Apple, said in a statement Monday. The Justice Department withdrew its legal action against Apple after a method brought to the FBI earlier this month …Read More

WhatsApp Encryption Said to Stymie Wiretap Order

While the Justice Department wages a public fight with Apple over access to a locked iPhone, government officials are privately debating how to resolve a prolonged standoff with another technology company, WhatsApp, over access to its popular instant messaging application, officials and others involved in the case said. No decision has been made, but a court fight with WhatsApp, the world’s largest mobile messaging service, would open a new front …Read More

Forgot My Password: Caption Contest Winners Announced

From sticky notes to clouds and authentication puns, the Dark Reading cartoon caption contest brought out the humorists in our community with some hysterical word-play tinged with geek. More than 100 of you submitted entries — and many hundreds more laughed and cheered the contestants on. And so it is with great pleasure that I announce the winner: Dark Reading community member jeberha3 for the hysterical submission pictured below. Read article: http://www.darkreading.com/operations/forgot-my-password-caption-contest-winners-announced/a/d-id/1324609? …Read More

sc/interface is version 6.6

sc/interface, cryptovision’s security token middleware with maximum flexibility, is now available in version 6.6.3. This release features new support for virtualization platforms like Citrix XenDesktop 7, VMware Horizon, as well as large RSA 4096 key support for STARCOS 3.5 / CardOS 5.0 / CardOS 5.3. In addition, this new release strengthens Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) functionality – with the ECC functions of several additional smart card types including Sm@rtCafé Expert …Read More

RSA Conference 2016: Watch this Terrific Six Minute Video

The RSA Conference in San Francisco is the most important cryptography event in the world. The 2016 issue attracted over 30,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors. Like every year, cryptovision was featured with a booth in the German IT Pavilion. Many attendants showed interest in the cryptovision products CAmelot, sc/interface, and SCalibur. A six minute video made by cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh gives a phantastic impression on this great show. Related products: …Read More

cryptovision Presentations at RSA Conference: Even The FBI Attended

cryptovision’s Adam Ross and Klaus Schmeh both spoke at the renowned RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco! Like every year, the number of  submissions had exceeded the number of speaking slots many times over. It is therefore a great honor for cryptovision to have been chosen to send even two speakers to the world’s most important crypto event. A video of Klaus’ presentation is available here: The list of criminal …Read More

Do Backdoors Actually Help Law Enforcement Catch Bad Guys?

While Apple faces down the FBI in court and law enforcement calls for backdoors to encryption services, a researcher at the RSA Conference here asked an important question: Would backdoors actually help? Crypto expert Klaus Schmeh, currently a consultant at Cryptovision used his knowledge of cryptography and some lengthy Googling to see if backdoors could have made a difference in criminals cases. His answer: probably not. Read article: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2500327,00.asp Related …Read More