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February 2016

Apple vs FBI shines spotlight on RSA Conference

As our online and offline lives merge, cybersecurity has crept into mainstream consciousness as both a business and personal concern. The World Economic Forum predicts that crimes in cyberspace will cost the global economy $445 billion this year. At the same time, the number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to cross 2.1 billion, making the Apple vs. the FBI battle around the issues of encryption and privacy relevant to …Read More

Why can’t the FBI hack into San Bernardino killer’s iPhone?

We don’t wish to alarm you, but you’re probably carrying something which thieves would regard as very valuable indeed: a smartphone. Anyone who managed to crack into your gadget could steal bank details, blackmail you by threatening to expose graphic images or carry out all manner of dastardly deeds guaranteed to make you very unhappy indeed. Thank goodness, you might say, that massive tech firms are protecting us from hackers …Read More

Bruce Schneier takes cryptovision’s s/mail on his List

There are at least 865 hardware or software products incorporating encryption from 55 different countries. The most common non-US country for encryption products is Germany, with 112 products. These are two of the results of a research project led by renowned crypto-expert Bruce Schneier. Schneier and his co-authors have assembled a list of encryption products that are available on the worldwide market. Schneier argues in his research paper that the …Read More

Two cryptovision Employees to Speak at RSA Conference

cryptovision’s Adam Ross and Klaus Schmeh will both speak at the renowned RSA Conference 2016! Over a two week online voting process,  both of their presentation proposals were voted in by internet users from all over the world. Out of several hundred submissions, only the 17 best-rated speeches were accepted by the organizers to be scheduled in a very exclusive panel. It is a great honor for cryptovision to send …Read More

cryptovision Mindshare 2016: Save the Date!

cryptovision’s Mindshare is quickly becoming renown as a “must attend” event for those involved the eID industry. Mindshare returns again this year to Gelsenkirchen with two days of programming devoted to solutions for both the Government eID and Enterprise IT sectors. This year’s highlights include: Real world success stories presented by cryptovision customers Solution demonstrations Informative presentations on all different aspects of eID lifecycle management Conversations and networking with customers, …Read More

More Details on the NSA Switching to Quantum-Resistant Cryptography

The NSA is publicly moving away from cryptographic algorithms vulnerable to cryptanalysis using a quantum computer (for instance, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, DSA, Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems). It just published a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions about the process (post-quantum cryptography). There is lots of interesting information in this FAQ. Read article: https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2016/02/more_details_on_2.html

The Worst Passwords of 2015

SplashData has announced the 2015 edition of its annual “Worst Passwords List” highlighting the insecure password habits of Internet users. “123456” and “password” once again reign supreme as the most commonly used passwords, as they have since SplashData’s first list in 2011, demonstrating how people’s choices for passwords remain consistently risky. In SplashData’s fifth annual report, compiled from more than 2 million leaked passwords during the year, some new and …Read More