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November 2015

Dell Promises To Kill Dangerous Security Certificate It Shipped On PCs

Dell has today decided to remove a certificate that was supposed to provide security and assistance to its PC owners, after it was heavily criticised for actually placing users in danger. Such certificates typically act as tokens of trust. When a user visits encrypted sites, there is a certificate chain, where websites provide a certificate to prove they are who they say they are. But “root certificates”, like Dell’s soon-to-be-dead …Read More

Passport business growing ‘at 4% per year’

Smithers Pira has reported that the global passport business is growing at around 4% per year, driven by increasing international travel and strong per capita growth, especially in Asia. The majority of issued passports are now in the ePassport format, which will become increasingly prevalent by 2020, wrote the group this week in the report “The Future of Security Substrates, Inks and Laminates to 2020”. Meanwhile, the ID card market …Read More

Europe needs to tackle key security challenges, says TeleTrust

Europe needs to resolve the key information security and privacy challenges of an internet-based society, says German security association TeleTrust. There are three key challenges for which Europe needs to find answers appropriate to the region, according to Norbert Pohlmann, chairman of IT security association TeleTrust. “We have to discuss the challenges around privacy, industrial espionage and cyber war to find solutions that are relevant to Europe,” he told the …Read More

Paris Terror Attacks Stoke Encryption Debate

U.S. state and federal law enforcement officials appear poised to tap into public concern over the terror attacks in France last week to garner support for proposals that would fundamentally weaken the security of encryption technology used by U.S. corporations and citizens. Here’s a closer look at what’s going on, and why readers should be tuned in and asking questions. Despite early and widely repeated media reports that the terrorists who killed at …Read More

cryptovision to Exhibit in Paris – Despite Terror Attacks

cryptovision is going to exhibit at this year’s issue of the most important smart card and microchip exhibition in the world, the CARTES Secure Connexions 2015. In spite of the terror attacks it will take place in Paris, November 17-19. With 450 exhibitors, 20,000 visitors and 1600 conference attendees the CARTES Secure Connexions is the most important conference in both the identification and payment industries. Visit cryptovision at booth 4 M …Read More

Jobs and salaries in cybersecurity are booming

Last year, over 209,000 cybersecurity jobs went unfilled, yet job postings for information security professionals have increased 74% over the past five years, according to Peninsula Press. This might be the most in-demand job in IT. It’s not hard to guess why: With the rise in cyberattacks and more sophisticated hackers, we need more people who can stop and prevent them. Read article: http://www.itworld.com/article/2999370/careers/jobs-and-salaries-in-cybersecurity-are-booming.html

NIMC enrols 7m Nigerians, says D-G

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) says it has enrolled seven million Nigerians on its database out of the 13 million estimated for the pilot scheme. Mr Chris Onyemenam, the Director-General of the commission, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Abuja. Onyemenam said the commission’s facilities had the capacity to register 300 million citizens, urging Nigerians to utilise the opportunity and …Read More

Is the NSA trying to warn us that cryptography is dead?

Back in August, the NSA released an updated advisory that was at once interesting and expected: It said that the world had to prepare for the oncoming impact of quantum computers, and the possibility that these devices could render existing computer cryptography almost completely obsolete. They called for the cryptographic community to invest heavily in developing so-called post-quantum cryptographic solutions that could survive this hypothetical watershed invention. And, as you …Read More