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December 2014

Iowa Is Building the Nation’s First Smartphone Driver’s License

Iowa is looking to create the nation’s first smartphone driver’s license with an app that can co-exist with the traditional plastic card. The director of the state’s Department of Transportation gave Gov. Terry Branstad an update on the project Monday. Andrea Henry, a spokeswoman for the DOT, said the app is in currently development for iOS and Android phones and is expected to be free. Despite news reports about a …Read More

Sony Pictures Scarier Hack — Hackers Leak Scripts, Celebrity Phone Numbers and Aliases

The massive hacking attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment has reached a more scarier phase following another huge leak of sensitive, confidential documents revealing celebrity contact details and upcoming film scripts. The so-called Guardians of Peace (GoP) group taking responsibility for the massive hack attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment claimed to have released a new trove of more confidential data including private information of its employees, celebrity phone numbers and their …Read More

Serbia – Hackers claimed to have stolen the entire national database

Hackers claim to have data about all citizens in Serbia, if the news is confirmed this is another clamorous data breach that could have serious repercussion on the Government. It seems that cyber criminals hacked the Serbian State’s network, accessed to the identities of almost all Serbians, which are now exposed to risks of frauds and identity theft. Five hackers have claimed they hacked the internet backbone of the Serbian Identity …Read More

Crypto Wars II

FBI Director James Comey again called for an end to secure encryption by putting in a backdoor. Here’s his speech: There is a misconception that building a lawful intercept solution into a system requires a so-called “back door,” one that foreign adversaries and hackers may try to exploit. But that isn’t true. We aren’t seeking a back-door approach. We want to use the front door, with clarity and transparency, and …Read More

Great topics, great speakers, great networking

OMNICARD,  the definitive event for smart ID solutions, once again offers you a broad, up-to-the-minute spectrum of topics at its coming conference from 20th to 22nd January.  One field with a special focus will be payment systems security and mobile payment. Topics will include eID and nPA, eGovernment, Cyber Security, Smart Home, Industry 4.0, Big Data, eMobility, eHealth and NFC. A new feature in 2015 will be a conference focus …Read More

BlackBerry: We’ll buy Angela Merkel’s phone security company. HA!

BlackBerry has bought privately held German firm Secusmart as part of its drive to become the handset provider of choice for security-conscious clients such as government agencies and big businesses. Secusmart, which specialises in voice and data encryption, was already a partner of the one-time business phone giant, providing BlackBerry 10 users with its Secusuite for encrypted transmission of emails and texts, secure browsing and encrypted filing. According to the …Read More

World Governments, Spies And Hackers Continue High Tech Cat And Mouse Game

When news broke last year that the US National Security Agency had snooped on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone calls, Germans were outraged. Then Germany’s BND intelligence service was caught having spied on US Secretary of State John Kerry and his predecessor Hillary Clinton. By the time it emerged in September that the two agencies were sharing information each had collected about the other country’s leaders, the convoluted spy-versus-spy game between …Read More