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November 2014

New Regin malware is an incredibly sophisticated spy tool

According to further work by Kaspersky and other security researchers, it appears that Regin might be the result of a combined effort from US and UK intelligence agencies. It also seems that Regin has infected numerous GSM base stations — i.e. the cell towers that provide 2G and 3G mobile coverage. Kaspersky says it has identified “a country in the Middle East” where Regin has infected systems at the president’s …Read More

Why police hate the new Apple and Google smartphones

The police are upset about Apple and Google’s latest smartphone advances. The problem is the encryption in both the iOS 8 and Android Lollipop operating systems. It is turned on by default, and there is no master key that Apple or Google can give to investigators, even if they have a warrant. “Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data,” Apple brags on its …Read More

Nigeria: NIMC Takes Nigeria’s Image Campaign to Global Audience

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), the government agency responsible for the issuance of the country’s national electronic identity (eID) card, has taken Nigeria’s image campaign to a global gathering of experts in electronic card technology in Paris, France. The Director-General of NIMC, Chris Onyemenam, on Wednesday told a global audience at the ongoing Cartes Secure Connexions conference and exhibition in Paris that the country’s current identity card would address …Read More

EVERYTHING needs crypto says Internet Architecture Board

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) has called for encryption to become the norm for all internet traffic. Last Friday, the IAB issued a statement saying that since there is no single place in the Internet protocol stack that offers the chance to protect “all kinds of communication”, encryption must be adopted throughout the protocol stack. The statement reflects earlier, more piecemeal moves in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to …Read More

Majority Of Top Messaging Apps And Tools Fail EFF’s Security Review

It may have taken massive hacks of popular platforms like Apple’s iCloud and messaging app Snapchat to generate mainstream awareness around the fact that any content stored online is vulnerable to attack and exposure. Meanwhile, thanks to revelations from Edward Snowden about the nature of the surveillance state we now live in, more mobile users are aware that steps need to be taken to ensure communications remain private as intended. Read article: …Read More

The huge international problem of fake passports

Fake passports have become a huge international problem. And it turns out security agents aren’t great at solving it. How big is the problem? Interpol estimates 9,800 people trying to cross into Europe with false documents in 2013. Since 2002, more than 40 million passports have been reported lost or stolen. Read article: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2014/10/24/ozy-fake-passports/17827117/