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cv act sc/interface

The most effective way to protect a corporate network and business data is the use of smart cards or security tokens. When compliance to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or other legal requirements is essential, there is no other way to realize secure business applications. cv act sc/interface is a smart card middleware connecting smart cards and security tokens with applications that have a standardized interface.

Fit for the future with an innovative technology

cryptovision is a leading supplier of innovative crypto and PKI solutions. As all cryptovision components are based on modern cryptographic algorithms, minimal crypto add-ons grant a maximum security. These result in a short-term return on invest (ROI).

Smart cards and tokens are the tools of choice, when Elliptic Curve Cryptography according to NSA Suite B is used. Windows Vista is the first mass product that supports Suite B (ECC) algorithms. cv act sc/interface supports ECC algorithms up to 521 bits key length as well as many other crypto systems.

cv act sc/interface can be used by both users and administrators. The user tool (cv act sc/interface Utility) provides basic functions. The main use of this component is to change the User-PIN. An administrator, who usually needs a more sophisticated access, uses cv act sc/interface Manager. With cv act sc/interface Manager it is possible to generate keys and certificates on the smart card, as well as to import them. Apart from this, cv act sc/interface Manager displays the content of a smart card and enables PIN changes, PIN unlocking, and smart card profiling.

cv act sc/interface is used worldwide in IT projects. Customers and OEM partners appreciate the flexibility, stability and user-friendliness of cv act sc/interface.