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cv act scep/responder

The registration process, when generating a digital certificate, is essential and the most important process within a Public Key infrastructure.

The amount of the possibilities to implement such a process is almost unlimited. So it is for example, possible to let the generation be carried out by an administrator or to leave this step to the certificate holder.

For the registration, an available database (for example from the ERP-system) but also an identification document can be used. This influences whether the certificate holder must appear personally to register or can complete all steps from his PC.

For individual needs, cv act PKIntegrated offers a multitude of possibilities for the creation of a registration process. The router plays a special role, with the help of the IPsec Standards, it operates a virtual private network (VPN) with PKI connection.

The router registration takes place via a special protocol called SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol). Many PKI solutions do not support SCEP and are therefore not in the position to automatically generate, distribute, update and if necessary revoke certificates. cv act PKIntegrated supports the protocol dependably over the additional component scep/responder, which operates between the Certification Authority (CA) and the router.

The multifaceted possibilities offered by cv act PKIntegrated for the implementation of a registration process, are thereby expanded through additional alternatives.


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