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cv act PKIntegrated

Digital certificates are the electronic equivalent of the presentation of an identity card. A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) issues certificates and thus makes digital signatures, strong authentication and encryption possible. In this way connectivity and legal provability emerge in the IT world. To put it briefly: no compliance without PKI.

Worldwide, cv act PKIntegrated is the only PKI completely integrated into the Novell environment. If you already have a Novell infrastructure available and you want to significantly increase your security level, then cv act PKIntegrated is your first choice. Besides guaranteeing you a quick and problem-free installation as well as a high return on investment (ROI), the complete integration also offers a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

cv act PKIntegrated protects security-critical business applications. Email encryption and digital signatures, SSL authentication, file encryption, hard disk encryption, strong authentication and single sign-on. Secure your Novell applications with cv act PKIntegrated from cryptovision.

The picture shows the integration of cv act PKIntegrated in Novell environment.