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Vendor-neutral smart car bug has ‘dangerous’ and ‘even fatal’ consequences

A vendor-neutral vulnerability affecting the CAN Bus standard can have “dangerous” and “even fatal” consequences for smart car owners. Discovered by the work of Trend Micro, Linklayer Labs, and Politecnico di Milano, the flaw isn ‘t a “vulnerability” in the traditional sense of the term. It’ s an insecure design choice within the Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus, a vendor-neutral standard which specifies how

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cryptovision video: IT security made in Germany

Wirtschaftsinitiative Gelsenkirchen, an economy association, recently published a number of video portraits of companies located in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. One of the companies portrayed is cryptovision. The video addresses current IT security challenges in the eID area and the Internet of Things (IoT). Watch this great video here:

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