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Ben Drisch to speak at the Silicon Trust London Forum

The Silicon Trust London Forum (Monday, June 26, 2017) is an exclusive electronic identity conference that complements the renowned Security Document World (SDW). Along with five other carefully chosen speakers, cryptovision ‘s Ben Drisch will be featured at this year’ s Silicon Trust London Forum with a presentation. Titled Challenges behind successful Multi-App schemes, Ben’s talk will focus on eID documents that can

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Frontal 21 (ZDF) to cover discussion between Markus Hoffmeister and Taner Ünalgan

Yesterday local politician Taner Ünalgan visited cryptovision. He was accompanied by a camera team from Frontal 21, a major German TV magazine. Mr. Ünalgan met cryptovision ‘s CEO Markus Hoffmeister to discuss the challenges of modern Information Technology and how these challenges can be mastered using cryptovision’ s solutions. Of course, Markus invited Mr. Ünalgan to Mindshare 2017. Frontal 21 will cover this interesting meeting in one of the coming issues.

Mindshare website:

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