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References Healthcare

Würzburg University Hospital

The Würzburg University Hospital set up a public key infrastructure with cryptovision's cv act PKIntegrated. The main application is 802.1X access control for (W)LANs.

Hospital Center of Luxembourg

The Hospital Center of Luxembourg deployed a secure access solution based on smart cards. Physical and logical access are implemented with the same card. The cards are connected with cryptovision's smart card middleware cv act sc/interface. the digital certificates are managed with cv act PKIntegrated.

Siemens Med

Siemens Med uses a cryptovision component named CiSC to securely connect PCs in the patient's rooms with a central server. These PCs can be used by the patients (e.g. for entertainment), but also by the doctors for medical applications. The solution is based on Citrix technology. As the doctors use smart cards, all processed data are secure.