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References Finance


Debeka, a leading German financial service provider, has connected its around 1,000 service points over a virtual private net (VPN) to its headquarters through cv act PKIntegrated. A very important requirement was, that issuing and renewing certificates could be realized easily and in a short time. Since Debeka has already a Novell eDirectory in operation, cryptovisions PKIntegrated in connection with the delivered add-on ocsp/responder proved to be the optimal solution.


Postbank with ist 11.5 million clients the largest German bank relies on cv act PKIntegrated from cv cryptovision. Since Postbank operates a Novell eDirectory for the Identity Management and the intended PKI should be integrated into it, cv act PKIntegrated proved to be the optimal solution. Meanwhile, Postbank employs cv act PKIntegrated for VPNs, Code Signing and securing ist web portals.