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In the context of the electronics strategy of VOLKSWAGEN and Audi, cryptovision and the two car manufacturers jointly develop concepts to secure the data transfer inside a motor vehicle. To protect software contents and the process of software creation against manipulation, cryptographic standard techniques are used.

Austria Card

For several years cryptovision provides cryptographic algorithms for the chipcard operating system ACOS of the Austrian card manufacturer Austria Card. The products are evaluated according to CC EAL4+ as usual in the smard card sector and are employed substantially in the banking sector.


BMW intends to secure the communication of all new developments in the car. Today security concepts are designed in cooperation with cryptovision that take care of that applications will run in a secure manner in the next generation of automobiles.

Continental Division Automotive Systems

The cryptovision gmbh company enhances the security of integral functions in Continental Division Automotive Systems' vehicle control units. The development of high-end security solutions for embedded control units is essential to meet the growing demands on electronics and software in automobiles. Cryptographic software by cryptovision secures the complete flash procedure. This not only applies to the signature creation for the programmable elements in the development but also to the signature verification on the flash control devices. The cryptographic library cv act library/es was used for the platforms TriCore, Star12 and PowerPC.


Daimler Chrysler employs crypto-algorithms for example to protect software-uploads for motor control unit processors. Due to a reference implementation of cryptovision the technological replacement of the RSA-based algorithms to long-term secure ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) technology is their aim.

Harz Energie

cryptovision has built a Public Key Infrastructure to secure various internal processes for the public utility Harz Energie. It was Harz Energy?s goal to reevaluate and enhance the existing security mechanisms in several sectors of their IT infrastructure. For instance: internal personnel as well as home offices should be equipped smart card secured access.


cryptovision is a member of "IBM Partnerworld for Software" and "IBM Partnerworld for Developer". cryptovision has developed the plug-in cv act s/mail, that integrates additional security functions into Lotus Notes, IBM's messaging and collaboration platform. One can encrypt and digitally sign e-mails with cv act s/mail and it is a very comfortable tool to manage certificates and smart cards.

infineon technologies

cryptovision implemented an RSA-algorithm with 2048 bit keylength on a platform, that was originally intended to cope with a maximal keylength of 1024 bits (the SLE66CX). In addition to signature generation and verification as well as encryption and decryption, the module comprises a secure key generation for RSA.


Novell, the world wide producer of internet communication platforms, counts on integrated PKI solutions from cryptovision. This extends Novells own solution spectrum. cv act s/mail has been YES-certified by Novell in the year 2002. The latest developments of cryptovision  extends the proven management solution (Novell eDirectory with iManager) to a cost-efficient full-featured PKI.

Philips Semiconductors

cryptovision develops crypto-libraries for a panoply of very different processors for the chip producer Philips Semiconductors. The main platforms are the 8-bit smart card micro-controller; especially the dual-interface processor cards MIFARE ProX (P8RF) and the SmartMX (P5-family). Further modules have been developed for the 16-bit processors of the SmartXA family (P7) and the 32-bit HiPerSmart (P9).

Siemens AG

Implementation of an ECC-component for the SLE66CX of Infineon Technologies and integration into the chipcard operating system CardOS/M4 from Siemens are integrated into different applications and are distributed as an accredited package for CardOS by Siemens.

Vector Informatik

Vector Informatik relies on cv cryptovision technology in the development of their control unit software. For their embedded systems a bespoke module was developed. This cryptographic module secures the digital transfer path to the various control units (e.g. during a firmware update).


Westfleisch AG employs cv act webgate to transmit online slaughter and fodder data to their customers over a secure (protected) connection. Farmers use the sophisticated smart card technology to access the portal of Westfleisch. This protects Westfleisch against data missuse, data fraud and data theft.