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Encryption Backdoor Cartoons

Dilbert has a series of cartoons about backdoors in encryption products. Sunday Morning Breakfast and Cereal (SMBC) has one, too. And there are three more on other websites (Truth Dig, Daniel J. Solove, and Star Tribune) that make it clear this is a security versus surveillance debate. And then there is yet another cartoon

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cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh Publishes New Book

“Kryptografie – Verfahren, Protokolle, Infrastrukturen” by Klaus Schmeh is a classic among cryptology books. 18 years after the first publication now the sixth edition is released. “Kryptografie – Verfahren, Protokolle, Infrastrukturen” holds several records: It ‘s the most comprehensive cryptology book on the market (900 pages), the only one that has been updated regularly for 15 years, and the only one ever to reach a sixth edition. Top positions in Amazon’ s crypto-top-100 charts prove that Klaus’ approach to provide vivid information instead of abstract mathematics is very successful.

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