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Interview with cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh in DER SPIEGEL

cryptovision ‘s Klaus Schmeh had another important media appearance. DER SPIEGEL, Germany’ s leading news magazine, recently published an interview with him (issue 20/2016, p. 112). This interview covers Klaus Schmeh ‘s research on criminals using encryption, as presented at the RSA Conference 2016 in San Fancisco. Klaus’ RSA talk, which was widely considered a highlight of this event, has already been covered in several other publications (for instance, PC Magazine and TechBeacon). Organisers of other conferences have asked Klaus about

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The Human Side of Cybercrime

As cyberattacks grow ever more sophisticated, those who defend against them are embracing behavioural science and economics to understand both the perpetrators and their victims. Say what you will about cybercriminals, says Angela Sasse, “their victims rave about the customer service”. Sasse is talking about ransomware: an extortion scheme in which hackers encrypt the

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NIST Starts Planning for Post-Quantum Cryptography

Last year, the NSA announced its plans for transitioning to cryptography that is resistant to a quantum computer. Now, it ‘s NIST’ s turn. Its just-released report talks about the importance of algorithm agility and quantum resistance. Sometime soon, it’s going to have a competition for quantum-resistant public-key algorithms. Creating those newer, safer algorithms is the

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