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Weak Homegrown Crypto Dooms Open Smart Grid Protocol

In the three years since its inception, the Open Smart Grid Protocol has found its way into more than four million smart meters and similar devices worldwide. And like its SCADA, industrial control system, and embedded system brethren, it’s rife with security issues. Two researchers, Phillip Jovanovic of the University of Passau in Germany

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Digital identity card in development stage: interior minister

Deputy Interior Minister Chen Chwen-jing yesterday dispelled media reports by saying that the Ministry of the Interior ‘s (MOI) plan to launch digital identification cards is still at the developmental stage. Reports said that the MOI expects to see its digital identification cards in use in 2019, replacing the 18.8 million paper ID cards nationwide by integrating information from the citizen digital certificate, driver’ s license and National Health Insurance Card into the card ‘s chip. During an interview at the Legislative Yuan yesterday, Chen said that it is too early to speak for certain regarding the digital identification cards’ effectiveness, since there are certain factors to consider, such as information security issues.

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