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Mindshare 2016 Agenda Highlights

cryptovision is excited about the upcoming Mindshare 2016. From June 29-30 we will welcome hundreds of guests and let them enjoy thrilling presentations, opportunities for networking, and of course a great party.


Agenda highlights include:

Klaus Schmeh (cryptovision): If Crypto’s Going Dark We Need to Turn on the Light
Joe Lo (Advanide): Securing

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More hacking and undercover work: Police chiefs answer to strong encryption row

Police and tech security experts have weighed in with a possible solution to the immovable-object-meets-irresistible-force conundrum posed by the use of strong encryption. Across Europe, police argue that the rise of uncrackable encryption, in particular end-to-end encryption, allows criminals to plot in secret, and that investigators should have some way of reading these communications

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German Companies Develop Prototype eIDAS Implementation

cryptovision, HJP Consulting, and Governikus have implemented one of the first prototypes for an electronic ID card based on the eIDAS token specification. HJP provided a simulation environment for simulating the eIDAS functions based on BSI TR-03110. Governikus delivered an open source version of an eID server and a corresponding eID client that are

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