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The 4 prime element of a modern eID project

Modern eID document project requirements often ask for a variety of elements, but can be distilled into the four prime elements of multi-application, multi-segmentation, secure in-field application loading and data management. Each has its own set of unique challenges and care should be taken to cover each requirement adequately enough. For a start, the

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Password Sharing Is Now a Crime

In a truly terrible ruling, the US 9th Circuit Court ruled that using someone else’s password with their permission but without the permission of the site owner is a federal crime. The argument McKeown made is that the employee who shared the password with Nosal “had no authority from Korn/Ferry to provide her password to former employees.” At issue is language in the CFAA

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Mindsharing just keeps getting better and better

The rest of Germany may be under water, rock festivals flooded and cancelled, trains derailed but somehow, every year, the weather turns out just great in the land of cryptovision, namely Gelsenkirchen. Yes, it was time again for Mindshare, the now annual event of the German crypto experts cryptovision. And by the looks of

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